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Business Practice

The Law Office of Kimberley G. Taylor provides focused and customized legal counseling to its business clients start-up companies to well established corporations in a broad spectrum of industries. 

The firm's business practice provides clients seeking to start a business with advice with respect to selecting the proper form of entity.  The firm can provide new clients with assistance with the formation and commencement of a new business, which includes filing the necessary paperwork to form the entity and drafting the necessary governance documents for the newly formed entity, assisting with the commencement of the business as appropriate, and providing information and advice to the owners of the new business so that they understand the measures they should take to minimize their liability.

The firm also provides guidance to existing entities with maintenances matters with respect to the entity.   This includes financing, operational issues, management relationships with shareholders, minority-majority mattes, understand ensuring that your businesses' transactions are conducted in a manner that provides negotiated and managed with your best interests in mind.  The Law Office of Kimberley G. Taylor also has experience assisting with the many aspects of a private business combinations including the necessary due diligence such as contract and asset reviews as well as the negotiation of and drafting the purchase and sale agreement.

The firm can assist clients not only with entity creation but also with the review and negotiation of vendor agreements, equipment leases and other contracts necessary to the business of its clients.  In all business matters, the firm works with its clients to solve busines problems in quick, efficient and practical manner.

Practice Areas Include: