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Additional Practice Areas

Liquor Licensing
The Law Office of Kimberley G. Taylor has extensive experience assisting clients with acquiring liquor licenses for small restaurants, large hotels and sporting venues in Colorado and throughout the nation. Licensing matters often arise in connection with real estate transactions or business creation/combination matters, but they also may arise in an isolated circumstance.  The services the firm provides include new license applications, transfers of ownership, temporary permits, entity structuring and management agreements as well as addressing other real estate or business matters associated with licensing.   By cultivating positive relationships with officials in local and state offices or local counsel and creating appropriate entity structures to achieve client goals, liquor licenses can be acquired on time and with minimal effort from the client. 

Estate Planning
The Law Office of Kimberley G. Taylor provides traditional estate planning and administration services including: the preparation of wills, drafting revocable and irrevocable trust agreements, preparation of durable powers of attorney and living trusts and trust administration.